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Ecoluxe offers a collection of ecofriendly bamboo made products for the environmentally conscious person or business.

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Make Sustainable Choices

Learn more about Sustainable Living
EcoLuxe offers bamboo based, biodegradable products that are healthier options to plastic. Learn more about the impact of your product choices now and consider more eco-friendly alternatives for your home, business or personal needs.
It’s a fact that in 2021 there is 8.3B tons of plastic in the world with about 6.3B tons that are trash. Not only is plastic non biodegradable that take hundreds of years to decompose, but the process of manufacturing produces billions of tonnes of greenhouse gases.


Bamboo is organic, renewable and sustainable. It requires no pesticides to grow, it’s resilient and offers many benefits and solutions for our environmental challenges. Its unique properties make it the ideal replacement for single-use plastic goods as well.


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