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Welcome to Ecoluxe

Ecoluxe offers a collection of ecofriendly bamboo made products for the environmentally conscious person or business.

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Dental Clinics

Sustainable Dental Products for Dental Clinics

Replace your plastic dental kit giveaways with an eco friendly, biodegradable bamboo toothbrush and floss kit. 

Order a Sample Kit

If you’re considering a switch to organic dental products and want to promote a sustainable alternative to plastic, order a sample kit. Available only to dentists. 

bamboo dental oral toothbrush sample

Adult toothbrush in black bamboo charcoal bristle or white castor bean oil is available as a sample for $2 each

bamboo dental oral toothbrush sample floss

Floss sample in bamboo black charcoal infused fiber or white floss made of corn provided on a wooden stick for free.

bamboo dental oral toothbrush sample floss

Glass floss bottle with 30m floss available in black bamboo charcoal can be purchased as a sample for $2 each

Learn How to Go Green

Plastic Toothbrushes Contribute to Climate Change

When we buy a plastic toothbrush, we don’t often think about what they’re made of or how they are disposed of. From the various selections available at the stores, we pick out what we need without any thought as to how our choices can impact our environment.   Retail stores give us a large selection ... read more

The Wrong Dental Floss can Make You Sick

Dental floss, it keeps our teeth clean and many of us use it on a daily basis, sometimes more than twice a day. But did you know that depending on the brand you use, it could be toxic to your health?  There are two issues with the typical dental floss in the market that is ... read more

How the Unassuming Toothbrush is Killing our Planet

Millions of people have plastic toothbrushes. We’ve been using them since we were kids. We were taught at home and in school that maintaining a healthy dental hygiene is important. It’s a daily routine that we do everyday. For some of us more than once a day!  Good oral health is important in preventing serious ... read more