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Welcome to Ecoluxe

Ecoluxe offers a collection of ecofriendly bamboo made products for the environmentally conscious person or business.

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About Us

Sustainable Living Starts Here
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Our Story

Making the right choices means having the right alternative products available.

We believe that sustainable products are the future. By replacing plastic use for our home, for our personal use or for our business, we can help to minimize the harmful effects of non-biodegradable products on our environment.

Our Vision

EcoLuxe envisions a world driven by the circular economy where every product we consume has its beginning and end of life in nature.

Our Mission

Educating people about products they use and buy is key to helping them make the right choices

EcoLuxe Products seeks to educate people on how to live a more sustainable life and make the right consumption choices so we can preserve the natural beauty of our planet and live a more enjoyable, healthier life now and for future generations.

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Our Purpose

We want to promote the benefits of caring for our environment

Our purpose is to create awareness about the impact that our daily actions and choices have on our environment and to offer healthier solutions 

Our Intent

We partner with businesses to make sustainable products more accessible

We want to help businesses offer customers a better assortment of biodegradable, eco friendly products so they can make more sound decisions

Our Values

Our goal is to earn your trust
Our actions follow our guiding principles
We will deliver on our promise
We will stand by the quality of our products
We care about your experience with us

Our Products

Offering a collection of unique items
Our products are made of biodegradable bamboo
We strive to give you good product value
Eco Certified
We work only with FSC certified suppliers

Contact Us

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